Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dragon Ball GT

Logotipo de Dragon Ball GT

The series again continues the adventures of Goku, that become a child again at the beginning of the series and is forced to travel across the galaxy to retrieve the Supreme Dragon Balls.

The first half of the series focuses on Goku, Pan and Trunks, trying to find the Dragon ball scared around the universe while the second half brings back most prominent characters from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

Goku and Pan know Baby, which belongs to the most intelligent species in the universe and which was almost completely eliminated by Saiyan, the Tuffles. Baby is a robot made by Dr. Myuu. He comes to Earth, to omplate eggs in almost all terrestrial and takes control of Vegeta's body making vegeta hair going white.

When Goku returns to Earth, almost all humans were being controlled by Baby, even Dende.
With that, Goku had to fight against their own children and friends. Baby appears meanwhile Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3 and the two warriors fight, but Baby Vegeta was stronger, and so lost. When Baby had his deathblow, (The Great Ball Grudge), Goku was saved by Kibitoshin. However, due to the influence of the energies of the Great Ball Grudge, Goku was teleported into the world of puzzles.
When he got out of there, he decided to do the same training with the Supreme Kaioshin did in Gohan, so Ro Kaioshin causes Goku to regain tail, making it expand its powers. Thus, Goku had to return to Earth to fight again against Baby Vegeta, again transformed into Super Saiyan 3 Goku was again defeated. When Baby showed up victorious, Goku replaces the Moon and the Earth receives 100,000 Blutz rays, thus, turns into a Golden Gaint Ape, which is stronger than a Super Saiyan 3, but it was uncontrollable.

Pan, which in turn was not possessed by Baby eggs, made his grandfather regained consciousness and thus Goku suffered a powerful new transformção by looking to the moon he controled the golden monkey state and become a, Super Saiyan 4.

Goku testing his new powers, proved to be much more powerful than Baby, but Bulma who was possessed by a Baby eggs, built a Blutz ray machine and shot Baby Vegeta, which turned into a Golden Gaint Ape, occurring a fight on equal terms. When Baby was at an advantage, Goku fired a Kamehameha and Super Baby Vegeta made, tombasse, so the Saiyan killed him soon after left the body of Baby Vegeta and migrated to his ship, at the same time Goku made a Kamehameha and shoot it at Baby making him going against the sun.

However, Dende gave the Supreme Dragon Balls to Baby and he  asked to do a new planet, Tsuful home of the Tuffules (where Goku fought Baby), and the Earth have been destroyed so hall the heros went with the humans to a new planet except for Piccolo who wanted to stay on Earth and he died there.

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